Prints Now

Encompassing everything from billboards and buttons to clothes, cakes, and shopping bags, printmaking and collecting are among the fastest-growing areas of fine art. The first general survey of contemporary prints to be published in ten years, Prints Now demonstrates the transformation printmaking has undergone over the last two decades. Case studies of artists, new media, and techniques include The Print Center's Imprint project and Philadelphia artist Virgil Marti's Bullies. Illustrated with 100 wide-ranging examples, the book is not only an invaluable resource, but also a revelation about the potential of this infinitely flexible, infinitely accessible art form. All Philagrafika copies are signed by author Rosie Miles. $60 for the book, $5 shipping (you can pick up your book at Philagrafika's office and save on shipping.)

About the Authors

Gill Saunders and Rosie Miles are curators in the Word & Image Department at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Both are immersed in current printmaking practice and are responsible for new acquisitions to the collection.

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