Philagrafika held its first ever Wayzgoose on August 24, 2006. The day began at Space 1026 with the deconstruction and procession of a thirteen-foot collaborative woodcut construction created by the legendary New York based Cannonball Press. The printed sculpture traveled via flatbed truck from its exhibition, “HANG ‘EM HIGH”, at Space 1026, curated by Philagrafika's own Caitlin Perkins. We celebrated the mega-print’s arrival to Philagrafika with a potluck feast in our buildings lobby. Everyone gathered to watch the Cannonball Press artists wheatpaste the construction back together.

Our version of the tradition was loosely based on the custom of the Wayzgoose, which dates back to seventeenth century England and was originally a celebratory event, held annually by the master printer to honor his workmen. The affair was a popular, festive, roaring and prankish day for those who practiced the black arts of printing during earlier centuries. Throughout the years, this historic celebration has taken on many forms: from large, public feasts to humble creations of printed keepsakes to commemorate the occasion.

Below are images from the event.

From the exhibition HANG 'EM HIGH
Cannonball Press, large scale woodblock construction, Space 1026.

Deconstructed pieces (there were nine in all).

The Cannonball press guys rebuilt the frame outside on the sidewalk in front of Space 1026.
From left to right: Mike Houston, Dennis McNett, Martin Mazorra

The sculpture gets "reassembled" on the flatbed.

Traveling down Broad Street.

Philagrafika and Solutions for Progress staff greet the arrival of the pieces.

The Cannonball Press atrists work hard to reconstruct and wheatpaste the sculpture back together in the lobby gallery space.

Hester Stinnet and Garreth Bohn show off their silkscreened Wayzgoose mexican wrestler masks.

Philagrafika Staff and the Cannonball Press artists,
From left to right: Caitlin Perkins, Dennis McNett, Martin Mazorra, Teresa Jaynes,
Mike Houston, Rebecca Mott and Renae Page.

Solutions for Progress' Alex Hetata


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