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Philagrafika Exhibition at William Penn Foundation

William Penn Foundation
Two Logan Square, Floor 11, 100 North 18th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Exhibition: June 16, 2006 - March 21, 2008

Please join us for a reception on November 7, 2007, 5:30pm-7:30pm. Artistic Director José Roca will give remarks at 6:30pm to announce Philagrafika 2010's curatorial team. RSVP is required by calling Caitlin Perkins at 215-701-6148, or emailing

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For more information or to purchase a print, call Rebecca Mott at 215-701-8057 or email

About the exhibition

C R E A T E - Among the first programs of Philagrafika was the creation of the Philadelphia Invitational Portfolio. Relying on the generosity of local print shops and master printers, and the quality and depth of work being produced in the region, the Portfolio quickly became a centerpiece of the Collaborative's commitment to artists and a vehicle for encouraging new collectors. Since 2000, 34 artists have participated in the program, facilitated by six to eight shops each year. These prints form the core of the current exhibition and they are also represented in major public and private collections locally and nationally.

E X C H A N G E - In the years since 2001, Philagrafika has developed a series of public art projects to bring together the print education community. With the creation in 2002 of the world's longest woodblock print, Broadstreet Broadside, to the 2005 The Big Block Print Exchange, regional printmakers have come together to work in multiple ways to reinforce a sense of community and share their work. A selection of twelve prints from larger group of 100 in The Big Block Portfolio Exchange forms a second suite of relief prints in this exhibition. The entire suite of prints has been donated to the collections of the Free Library of Philadelphia and the Newark Public Library.

E D U C A T E - The Greater Philadelphia region produces 23% more art graduates a year than any other region in the United States. And, among the most influential are practitioners in the multiple disciplines of the printed image. The final group of artists in this exhibition are artist educators, from instructors at the college and graduate level to those who work in public schools, museum education and community-based settings -- from silkscreen to digital prints to offset lithography and more. They represent almost the full range of Philagrafika's organizational members and their work speaks eloquently to the wealth of the region's assets and to the potential of Philagrafika and Philadelphia as an international center for the printed image.

About the William Penn Foundation

The William Penn Foundation, founded in 1945 by Otto and Phoebe Haas, is dedicated to improving the quality of life in the Greater Philadelphia region through efforts that foster rich cultural expression, strengthen children's futures, and deepen connections to nature and community. In partnership with others, the Foundation works to advance a vital, just, and caring community. Learn more about the Foundation online at

Participating artists
Kate Abercrombie
Bobbie Adams
Katie Baldwin
Alyse Bernstein
Astrid Bowlby
James Brantley
Emily Brett Lukens
Judith K. Brodsky
Emily Brown
Charles Burwell
Christy Cullen
Daniel Dallmann
Candy Depew
James Dupree
David "Bo" DuVall
Elaine M. Erne
Joy Feasley
Caren Friedman
Jesse Goldstein with Sandy Plotnikof
Belinda Haikes
Lisa Hamilton
Christopher Hartshorne
Daniel A. Heyman
Jim Houser
Richard Hricko
H. D. Ivey
Lois M. Johnson
Maximillian P. Lawrence
Isaac T. Lin
Dennis Lo
Tristin Lowe
Barbara Madsen
Enid Mark
Virgil Marti
Sarah McEneaney
Jennifer McTague
Monika Meler
Melanie Mowinski
Sara Jane Muratori
Lisa Murch
Lauren Murphy
Matthew Neff
Stuart Netsky
Alice Oh
Wendy Osterweil
Caitlin Perkins
Natasha Pestich
Diane Pieri
Bruce Pollock
Anabelle Rodr’guez
Tony Rosati
Marta Sanchez
Judith Schaechter
Anne Seidman
Marisha Simons
Patricia M. Smith
William Smith
Shelley Spector
Lori Spencer
Hester Stinnett
Willie Stokes
Shelley Thorstensen
Rochelle Toner
Janet Towbin
Jennifer M. White
William Earle Williams
Michelle Wilson
Ben Woodward
Charlotte Yudis

Image credits:(Above) Installation view of works by (from left to right) Charles Burwell, Daniel Heyman, Wendy Osterweil, Rochelle Toner, Caren Friedman, Lisa Hamilton. See above link to pricelist for details.

philagrafika 1616 walnut street, philadelphia, pa 19103 t: 215.557.8433