Portfolio 2008

Hunter Stabler • I Would Like to Apologize for Anything Iíve Ever Said to Anyone
15" x 18" • Hand pulled silkscreen
Fabric Workshop and Museum

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Hunter Stabler was born in 1981 in Jefferson City, Missouri, though he grew up in Easley, South Carolina. he received his Bachelor's Degree in painting from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2003. During his undergraduate education, Hunter began to gravitate towards a self-informed pursuit of moral righteousness. He remained a virgin, but his efforts to live piously were rendered unsuccessful by his questionable sense of morality and delusional sense of reality. His letters home to his parents spoke of his girlfriend, Jennifer Rattigan, who turned out to be a complete fabrication. After a year long stint as janitor at his alma mater, Hunter attended the Painting Program at The University of Pennsylvania. Since graduation in 2006 he has been attending artist residencies and showing his work regularly across the United States. He claims that his current work is intended to be prophetic and devotional to God's infinite and undulating love.

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