Working States


Part III – Primary Sources:

Speeches, Interviews, Statements, etc.

Lyons, Beauvais and Ellen McClung (Berry Professor of Art, University of Tennessee, Knoxville). “Reflections on National Juried Print Shows”, January 16 – February 24, 2000.

This is an abridged version of Beauvais Lyons’ juror statement for the 13th parkside National Small Print collection.

Beauvais Lyons explains the advantages and disadvantages of national juried competitions as they are carried out today. Lyons states that he could imagine a manner in which they could be executed in a progressive and significant manner rather than one that suppresses “innovation and controversy.”

Macadam, Barbara A. “Back to the Wall.” Art News. 2003.

See Julie Mehta’s and Sarah Bayliss’ reviews of the Fabric Workshop On The Wall exhibit (featured in this Bibliography) for more on this artistic phenomenon.

Macadam writes a brief overview of the return of the art wallpaper phenomenon. This article also contains several excerpts from interviews with artists involved in making art wallpaper.

Pressler, Jessica. “Remember Zines? Look At Them Now.” The New York Times. 07 May 2006.

Jessica Pressler, focusing on the first issue of Boston-based zine Lemon (the creators of which she has interviewed), traces the rise of zine culture and its implications for art and for public culture. She notes, in particular, that these zines are no longer meant to have wide appeal, but, rather, to be a visual experience with aesthetic and artistic consequences.

Sperandio, Chris. “Interview with James Iannaccone.” Anchor Graphics @ Columbia College Chicago. 2007.

In this interview about his residency, Sperandio talks about his “Kartoon Kings” collaborative project with British artist Simon Grennan, about the democratic nature of comics and prints, and about the discursive experience of the printshop. “For the most part,” he says, “printmakers like to share their secrets and their tricks and techniques.” Given the multiple nature of prints - which “defies the marketplace” in a politically significant way – Sperandio suggests that prints also enact a discursive experience beyond the printshop.

Sudbanthad, Pitchaya. “Paper Faces, Paper Cities.” The Morning News. September 29, 2004.

Pitchaya Sudbanthad interviews the street artist known as Swoon about her graffiti-prints, relief printed cutouts, and what kind of message she is hoping to get across. Swoon talks about the importance of public discourse, imagined cit ies, and her preference for printmaking over painting.

Thorstensen, Shelley. “With a Capital P”, SAGAzine, Fall 2007.

This brief lecture, delivered by Shelley Thorstensen at the Selby Gallery in Sarasota Florida, sings the praises of the variability and theoretical wealth of prints.



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