February 25, 2012
Printeresting Interview with Amze Emmons


February 16, 2012
Gomez + Gonzalez Have Prison Records, Katherine Rochester
Art in America


February 14, 2012
Doing Time/Depth of Surface, By Chip Schwartz
Knight Arts


February 14, 2012
The Writing on the Walls, by Monica Weymouth
Metro Philadelphia


February 9, 2012
Sidewalking: Jailhouse Rock, By Jonathan Valania


February 2, 2012
Bits of Holmesburg Prison's history preserved for Moore College exhibit
By Amy S. Rosenberg, Inquirer Staff Writer
Philadelphia Inquirer


January 27, 2012
Printmakers rescue stories long imprisoned for Moore exhibit
By Elisabeth Perez-Luna
WHYY 90.9 FM

Download audio file:



January 25, 2012
Holmesburg, Making Difficult Impressions by Ben Leech
Hidden City Philadelphia

April 20, 2011
The State of the State: Philagrafika 2010; Julie Bernatz
Art in Print

"The Graphic Unconscious [catalogue], is a record of Philagrafika 2010, last year’s critically acclaimed international festival focused solely on the print...This book is an essential building block in a new understanding of the print."


April 11, 2011
Philagrafika announces the release of the exhibition catalogue, The Graphic Unconscious

The Graphic Unconscious catalogue is a reference for the expanded field of printmaking and it features work by forty artists and collectives, representing eighteen countries, across five continents. The artists work in a variety of media from traditional print to multi-disciplinary practices, presented in The Graphic Unconscious exhibition of the Philagrafika 2010 festival.

October 28, 2010
Philagrafika Receives City Choice Award from Philadelphia CityPaper
Philadelphia CityPaper, Holly Otterbein

"Think of this issue not simply as the best Philadelphia has to offer, but a glimpse of what Philadelphia can be, what it will be in the future."


June 1, 2010
Philagrafika reviewed in Art Papers
Art Papers, Edward M. Epstein

"What does it mean to make a print in this day and age?"


April 14, 2010
"Philagrafika (throws out the) Rules; A Celebration of Printmaking Crosses all kinds of boundaries"
Penn Gazette (UPenn Alumni Magazine); JoAnn Greco

"Billed as one of the largest art events in the U.S., the festival celebrates the dynamic and under-appreciated role of printmaking in contemporary art..."

April 14, 2010
"The Open Print"
Art in America; Faye Hirsch

With the goal of demonstrating the pervasiveness of prints in our lives... in America-April2010-1.pdf


April 8, 2010
"Print Aweigh, Take Away; A Weekend at the American Philosophical Society"
Uwishunu; Eric Smith

This weekend...stop by for two days of some science and some art...


April 6, 2010
"'Philagrafika' Printmaking: No Paper, No Problem"
NPR All Things Considered; Elizabeth Perez Luna

...So with all these variations, when is a print a print?

April 4, 2010
"Philagrafika 2010: Temple Gallery"
Printeresting; Jason Urban

This is a great cross-over piece in terms of art & design...


April 2, 2010
"ARTSY: Darwinian Tract Housing"
Phawker evolutionary twist on classic religious tracts...


March 31, 2010
"The Power of Numbers"
The Deal Magazine; Dan Bischoff

Art works like those in Philagrafika 2010 actually call into fundamental question the age-old convention of separating prints from paintings and sculptures...


March 31, 2010
"Philagrafika 2010: 'appropriate manipulate duplicate' at Gallery Joe"
Printeresting, Jason Urban

I was excited to see what their contribution to Philagrafika festival would be...


March 29, 2010
"Philagrafika: All Around Philly"
The Exhibit Designer; Christine Lefebvre
March 18, 2010
"Kiki Smith and Christiane Baumgartner to Appear at Pennsylvania Acadamy of the Fine Arts"

Renowned artists and printmakers Christiane Baumgartner and Kiki Smith are scheduled to appear...


March 18, 2010
"Fine Print: Carl Pope at Crane Arts Building and other locations"
Critical Mass, Emily Currier
March 14, 2010
"The Impulsive Traveler: An art weekend In Philadelphia"
The Washington Post, Robert DiGiacomo

If only my art history class had been as engaging as a series of exhibits and installations now on display in Philadelphia, I might have gotten that elusive A...


March 5, 2010
"Must see: Seperations Anxiety at Space 1026"
Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction Blog

For an age old process such as print making, the everyday audience rarely gets to see a glimpse at the components involved...


March 1, 2010
"The Graphic Unconcious"
The Brooklyn Rail, Emily Warner

... Throughout the exhibition, the surfaces of things—their interfaces with the world—are highly suggestive sites of metaphor and material play.


March 1, 2010
"Philagrafika 2010"
Artist Magazine (Taiwan)
February 28, 2010
Letter from the Editor; Mark Remarque
Graphic Impressions: Newsletter for SGC International; Erika Adams; Ira Rosen

This year promises to be particularly engaging as our conference takes place concurrently with Philagrafika...


February 21, 2010
"Philagrafika presents works in some surprising venues"
The Philadelphia Inquirer, Edith Newhall

...Philagrafika 2010 has given artists historic venues and invited them to adapt their projects to those spaces.


February 21, 2010
"The News at Temple Gallery"
The Art Blog, Roberta Fallon

This kiosk has all the news a Philadelphian would need  


February 21, 2010
"Mourning: Osorio and Munoz at PAFA and PMA"
The Art Blog, Libby Rosof

The juxtaposition of confetti and death and dying stopped me in my tracks...


February 17, 2010
"Philagrafika: Our international print festival"
Broad Street Review, Anne R. Fabbri
February 16, 2010
"Philagrafika 2010 Hits the Print Center"
Philadelphia Weekly, Roberta Fallon
February 15, 2010
"Lost? Confused? Pamphlets can help!"
The Philadelphia Inquirer, Lisa Anne Auerbach

Lisa Anne's Op-Ed about her current Philagrafika 2010 project, The Tract House:A Darwin Edition 

February 14, 2010
"Galleries: Printmaking's everywhere, and this festival shows it."
The Philadelphia Inquirer, Edith Newhall

In its three venues besides the Philadelphia Museum of Art  and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, Philagrafika 2010's main exhibition, "The Graphic Unconscious," offers more dramatic examples of printmaking's omnipresence in contemporary art.


February 14, 2010
"Art: Philagrafika: Varied Impressions"
The Philadelphia Inquirer, Contributing Art Critic Ed Sozanski

A sampling of the giant print festival reveals innovation, tradition, and way out there.


February 8, 2010
Artnet, Deborah Ripley

Five years in the making, Philagrafika 2010 -- a Venice Biennale-sized event devoted to the printed image in contemporary art -- burst onto the city of Philadelphia this week...


February 4, 2010
"What Is Printmaking Today? Philadelphia Dares to Ask"
The New York Times, Art Critic Ken Johnson

The fine art of printmaking is not what it used to be...

slide show that ran with article:


February 4, 2010
"The Duke of Riley Meets the King of Petty's Island"
The Art Blog, Libby Rosof & Roberta Fallon
January 31, 2010
"Art: Graphic Breadth and Depth"
The Philadelphia Inquirer, Contributing Art Critic Ed Sozanski

Philadelphia's ideal for Philagrafika 2010, an international printmaking festival. The city has put it's stamp on the art for 200 years.


January 29, 2010
"It's where to hang: PHILAGRAFIKA 2010 showcases cutting-edge prints"
Philadelphia Daily News, Reporter Kitty Caparella
January 28, 2010
"Philagrafika in photos: let the printmaking begin"
Phrequency, Jacob Pastovich

Starting tomorrow, Philadelphia will turn into a venerable mecca for all things print, thanks to the inaugural triennial of Philagrafika...


January 27, 2010
"Opening Weekend of Philagrafika 2010 Festival Nears"
KYW Newsradio, Reporter Karin Phillips

An international festival -- one of the largest arts events in the country -- has been launched in Philadelphia.


January 27, 2010
"If you're in Philadephia, this looks great"
Twitter, MOMA

If you're in Philadelphia, this looks great - Philagrafika 2010, a festival celebrating print in contemporary art:


January 26, 2010
"The Island"
Philadelphia City Paper, Holly Otterbein

Hugo Chavez owns it. New Jersey controls it. Developers and environmentalists covet it. And one brazen trespasser wants us to pay homage to its forgotten king.


January 26, 2010
"Open Letter to Hugo Chavez Regarding the Return of Petty's Island to the Laird Kingdom"
The Huffington Post, Duke Riley

I decided it is only fair that Chavez be alerted that this once mighty kingdom is re-staking a claim on his land...


January 25, 2010
"Museum Presents Installations by Two Contemporary Artists"

The printed image lies at the heart of the work of many contemporary artists...


January 1, 2010
"Print Matters"
Arrive Magazine, Caroline Tiger
November 1, 2009
"The Graphic Unconscious, Peter Nesbett talks with Philagrafika 2010 artistic director José Roca"
Art on Paper

On January 29, 2010, Philadelphia will become the host of a new biennial-type event devoted to the graphic arts...


February 2, 2009
"Philly bids to be World Champs… of Printmaking"
WHYY, 90.9FM, Arts and Culture Reporter, Alex Schmidt

Philadelphia will attempt to become the worldwide nexus of contemporary printmaking when a new art biennial, Philagrafika 2010, commences next year.

Listen Here:


December 7, 2007
"Director Appointed for First Print Quadrennial
The Art Newspaper, J.E.K.

José Roca, a Bogotá-based curator and critic, named artistic director of Philagrafika 2010.


March 13, 2007
"Clash City Roca, Philly scores a world class talent."
Philadelphia Weekly, Roberta Fallon

Jose Roca, who co-curated the 2006 Sao Paulo Biennial, joins Philagrafika as its newly appointed artistic director.


December 6, 2006
"Fit to Print"
Philadelphia City Paper, Rachel Frankford

Curator José Roca gives us the early word on the ambitious "Philagrafika 2010" print odyssey.


December 1, 2006
"Comings and Goings- José Roca"
The Art Newspaper, Jason Edward Kaufman, Charmaine Picard, and Emily Sharpe

José Roca, a curator and critic based in Bogotá, Colombia, has been named artistic director of
Philagrafika 2010.


November 20, 2006
"Rumblings: Philly Is The Center Of The Aesthetic Universe"

Philagrafika announces artistic director, Jose Roca.


September 1, 2006
"Philagrafika 2010"
Art on Paper, Jane Brown

Philagrafika, the Philadelphia-based nonprofit formerly known as the Philadelphia Print Collaborative, has
announced ambitious plans for a city-wide contemporary art quadrennial, slated for 2010.


July 1, 2006
"Print Documenta for Philadelphia: Quadrennial aims to put the city on the international art map"
The Art Newspaper, Jason Edward Kaufman

A consortium of Philadelphia print curators and artists will launch a city-wide international festival of printmaking in 2010.


"Art: Philagrafika: Varied Impressions
The Philadelphia Inquirer, Contributing Art Critic Ed Sozanski

A sampling of the giant print festival reveals innovation, tradition, and way out there.







Image Credit: Swoon installation, Philagrafika 2010, Photo: Greenhouse Media

Philagrafika 139 N. 3rd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106 T: (215) 825 7452